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Marilyn Carré

I am a fully qualified, accredited and registered Psychotherapist. I have practiced for over forty years in this and related fields of work in my native Island of Jersey, the UK and abroad. I have also taught counsellors, psychotherapists and social workers to degree/practitioner level.

My specialisation is working with adult survivors of childhood abuse but clients have come to me over the years for many and varied reasons. These include relationship breakdowns, bullying in the workplace, stress, anxiety, addictions, various emotional/ physical/ sexual forms of abuse, aggression control, gender dysphoria, sleep disorders, bereavement issues, life changing illnesses, blocks in decision making, obsessive compulsive disorders, panic attacks and more.

MBACP (Accred); MA Psych; BSc(Hons) Soc. Psych; Dip Couns; 



Within health-related professions there is a new focus upon individuals taking responsibility for their own well-being. This is reflected in many areas, including advertisements for whole foods, campaigns against smoking, excessive drinking and irresponsible sex. The emphasis has shifted away from illness towards a positive awareness of the benefits of full health. 

Members of the public no longer want or expect to be given drugs for every ailment, and they are more aware of the emotional and psychological of many physical conditions. In addition to this, the stigma that was once attached to psychological problems is now fading, so people feel more confident about asking for help.

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I am an experienced, Accredited Practitioner, and a member of a professional organisation that works to a strict code of ethics. The work we do together will be about facilitating you to find the right solutions for yourself rather than me telling you what to do. In this way you become empowered to make the decisions which feel right for you.


Confidentiality is maintained in all but the most exceptional of circumstances and is an essential part of the therapeutic process. Before your first consultation begins you will be asked to sign a 'Statement of Agreement' concerning the terms of confidentiality. No information either verbal or written will be disclosed to a third party without your written consent.  


The only circumstance under which your confidentiality may be breached is when there is an immediate perceived risk of harm to yourself or anyone else. All psychotherapists are required to have a supervisor who monitors the quality of their work. The process of supervision is conducted in a way that ensures client anonymity and thus their confidentiality.


Sessions last up to one hour for which there is a standard charge of £75. This needs to be paid on the day of your consultation, by either direct bank transfer, cheque or cash. If you are medically insured, I still take payments in the usual way but give you receipts to claim back expenses through your insurers.