Dear Clients,

(both past and present)

For some time now I’ve considered this thing called ‘retirement’ and at long last, my decision has been made!

I will continue to see all current clients until the end of this year, but as of today, I regret, I am unable to engage with anyone new as I am choosing to wind-down my Practice gently, not abruptly.

I am going, but ‘Oak Practice’ lives on. My colleague, Imogen Cox, is taking over from me and can be reached on 07797 837183. She is well qualified, BACP Accredited, and very approachable.

Working with you all has been a privilege – thank you!

Warmest regards


Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

Psychotherapy is the treatment of emotional, behavioral, personality, and psychiatric disorders, based primarily on verbal communications and interventions with the client, in contrast to treatments using chemical and physical measures. Simply put, psychotherapy aims to alleviate psychological distress through talking, rather than treating the symptoms with drugs. 

With the right conditions, every acorn has the ability to grow to its full and strong potential, and so have you!

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Upon meeting with you for the first time I will listen carefully to the difficulties you are experiencing, after which we will discuss the most productive therapeutic approach with which to address your specific issue.

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Psychotherapy facilitates couples' understanding of what makes them feel anxious or unloved by their respective partners as well as accepting their own strong and not so strong characteristics which may contribute towards the conflict experienced by them.  If people can identify their feelings and ways of thinking, they become better at coping with difficult situations.

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Why not make that brave step into a new tomorrow, today?

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Due to the restrictions brought on by the Coronavirus Pandemic, I am able to offer Face to Face consultations with clients but your temperature will be taken upon arrival at Oak Practice and you will be asked to use Hand Sanitiser.

I kindly request that payment for all sessions is made in advance, you will be provided with my account details by email. 

Please contact me for more information and/or to make an appointment.